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Wed. Apr 24th, 2019
Nail Color Trends 2019

Explore The Nail Color Trends 2019

The beauty of your nails is enhanced by nail polish as nail color trends are going on now. Try these amazing shades we have shortlisted and we promise you will thank us at the end. The secret is it looks good on everyone.

Either you apply nail paint at home or visit salo frequently, we understand the problem you face while selecting the right color. The choice depends on your mood or on your outfit.

Here I give you some amazing ideas which will go with your every outfit and are the beloved colours, especially during summers according to nail color trends.

Sheer Pink Color

This color is a standard for a purpose—it’s perfect nail polish when you don’t know what to apply on your nails, the slightly blush-toned nail polish leaves a touch of natural beauty on your nails.

Red Color

Summer summons for a somewhat summery tone, a “smooth tango red” suits everyone. It is the traditional colour mostly goes with Indian outfit and add an extra touch. This color is cherry on a cake.

White Color

White polish is a masterpiece suitable for every season and is a colour that goes entirely whether you’re avoiding the stiff and travelling someplace tropical or confronting the climate till it warms up. It can be used on its own or used as an articulation shade.

Sand Color

There’s something about Sand Shade that seems individually relevant for the season. Possibly it’s the trending sandy beige or the point is that it’s one of the most gifted shades of the collection.

Steel Gray Color

This colour is now going in nail color trends. Steel-grey shade is ideal for summers especially during the month of March and April; the smoke-coloured cobalt buzzes deliver this tone a light edge like vibe. It’s alike your preferred vague but fine and can be applied on its individual or as a specific color during nail painting and nail art appearances.

Slate Color

One of our favourites Slate color nail polish, gloomy rose quartz that’s fashionable without doing ay hard work. At initial look, it resembles like a lovely purple-pink simply explicates its real versatility when you soften your fingers plainly so. It’s the absolute hue for anyone who needs to tentatively propose metallic shade recognition to the definite and will instantly make your nails the centre of attraction.

Tweety Yellow Color

This energetic neon yellow is absolute for carrying when it becomes hot. Feel fashionable, feel stylish. This adorable color is nowadays has become a girly color after pink. Recently carried by Alia Bhatt in Ambani’s wedding. After this, it is trending more than the expectations. So carry it with any outfit on any occasion and promise you it is popular but the least commonly applied. Tweety Yellow Color is also going in nail color trends.

Golden Color

If bright and neon are not one of the favourites for you this summer, opt for a golden nail polish. Yes, golden it is not that shiny as you thought. It is classic mostly applied by models. This highlight your hands when you are under the spotlight. The color of confidence and beauty the perfect combination.

Consider it the cheat sheet of nail polish fashion this summer and be a stylist of the season. You were reading this blog on the world’s famous fashion magazine that is LnGuru. Thanks for reading.

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