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Wed. Apr 24th, 2019
Best Medical Answering Services

What Defines Customer Service for Doctor’s Office?

All doctors are rated according to their ‘bedside’ manner and this can significantly affect a patient’s decision to continue seeing that professional or finding somewhere else to go. The front desk also plays a part in the customer service process because this is the first contact and the ‘face’ of the practice that they see before each visit. Most medical offices understand this and take great care to ensure that staff members are trained and familiar with presentation and job functionality.

However, a gap that is often found is in what happens after 5 or 6 o’clock when the doors close and everyone goes home but life doesn’t stop and medical events still happen. This is where a quality medical after-hours answering service can step in and provide patients with an access point to the doctor for both urgent and non-urgent calls with the proper routing and customized the handling of each client.

Why should a doctor’s office invest in a medical after hours’ answering service? The answer is simple and the result is a healthier and more committed practice with patients who have full confidence in their doctors because they know that they are available around the clock. Urgent calls are directly routed to the physician on-call via their preferred method of contact while still protecting their privacy on the call back by displaying the office number to the patient instead of the personal cell phone number. For non-urgent calls, patients will leave messages which are then passed on per the customized client plan at the designated time to staff members who will listen to the exact message the patient left. While some consider an automated system less personal, it is almost entirely free from human error and takes the ‘bad days’ and translation guesswork out of the equation. For multi-lingual communities, a quality medical after hours’ answering service can provide message scripts in the desired languages which make patients feel more at ease and better able to understand the directions and how to follow the prompts. When choosing a service to make sure that they follow HIPAA practices for compliance which helps to avoid fines and other legal issues that can occur if these regulations are not properly adhered to. This is another reason to use an automated service as these guidelines can already be set in place.

How does this feature improve customer service satisfaction and ratings? The more options an office provides to patients for communication and contact then the more confidence and peace of mind that customers have in the professionals. When doctors take the time to implement a medical after-hours answering service as part of their normal operations then they are letting the patients know that they are available for them no matter when life happens and requires their area of expertise. Go online and check out the many answering services to choose from and find one that not only offers all the features mentioned above but does everything for an affordable flat rate monthly cost so that your budget benefits just as much as the practice does.

For the best medical answering service for your medical clinic, you should choose the best company.

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