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Wed. Apr 24th, 2019
Electrical Slip Rings

Things to Know Before Ordering Electrical Slip Rings

In the electromechanical system fields, slip rings are used for 360 degrees intermittent rotation for transmission of power or data. It can take the power signal from a fixed position to the rotational position. They are made from an elastic material. Electrical slip rings can augment the mechanical performance and simplify operations. At the same time, they can remove the danger-prone wires from the moveable joints of the system. Their working is similar to the bearings that rotate at the inner circle without remaining non-rotating at the outer cycle.

Components of Electrical Slip Rings:

When looking to order electrical slip rings, you should understand the basic components of this device. It is composed of electrical and mechanical parts. The mechanical parts of a slip ring include its protection grade, weight, and dimensions. Their structure should be compact because it can affect the size of the entire system.

On the other hand, the electrical parts represent the complex structure of this device. It caters to the complex fields like power, electrical parameters, sensor signals, and big current. You need to find the relevant current and signals according to the requirements of your applications.

The Applications of Electrical Slip Rings:

In the electrical design processes, winding of the wires is a complex issue. However, it can be mitigated by using electrical slip rings offering continuous 360-degree rotation. You can also use them for PLC control, small-voltage rotating body, digital audios, digital videos, EMF, thermocouples, the sensor signal, Ethernet, and many other applications. The conventional applications of this system include packaging equipment, security systems, robotics, aerospace, wind turbines, etc.

The Types of Electrical Slip Rings:

When looking to order electrical slip rings, you should know the types of these rings. They are classified by their properties, outline, and industrial applications.

The slip rings classified by conductive properties include pneumatic electrical slip rings, fiber optic slip rings, photoelectrical slip rings, and hydraulic slip rings.

Slip rings classified by industrial applications include high-temperature conductive slip rings, high-speed slip rings, strain gauge slip rings, big OD slip rings, military slip rings, anti-explosion slip rings, reel slip rings, revolving door slip rings, etc.

These slip rings are also classified according to standard slip rings including through bore slip rings, wind turbine slip ring, waterproof slip rings, Ethernet slip rings, thermocouple slip rings, industry field-bus slip rings, and lots more.

Choosing the Right Slip Ring:

An electrical slip ring is a sophisticated electromechanical device that should be selected according to applications and requirements of a specific industry. When buying this product, you should consider the factors like current, voltage, outer diameter, rotating speed, size, signal type, and process environment. A comprehensive evaluation is required to make the right selection.

Also, check the quality of slip rings on the parameters of design and functioning. Preferably, opt for customizable slip rings that can be built as per your specifications. The products should be warranted for protection against material defects and design flaws.

Before looking to buy electrical slip rings, these are the main points that you should clearly understand.

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